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Game Stick

Model: 10149
2.4G Wireless Gamepad with MIC to USB Patch (2PCS) Features:The 2.4G wireless controller is compatible with the X70/M8/M9/M10 retro game consoles and comes with a receiver.Specifications:.Material: ABS+ Electronic Components.Product Weight: 220g.Package Dimensions: 28 x 14 x 4.6cm.Package Weight: 3..
Model: 10181
GD10 Retro Game Console TV HD Output Plug and Play Games Console Stick Video Gaming Consoles Preinstalled EmuELEC 2 Controllers Features:The Cool Console is a gaming marvel that comes in two versions: the 64G and the 128G. Packed with over 30,000 games in the 64G version and a whopping 40,000 games..
Model: 10097
K9 Retro Game Console TV HD Output Games Plug and Play Preinstalled System 2 Controllers 64GB Console Stick Video Gaming Consoles15000 Vintage Games: The mini video game system stick includes a 64GB TF card, 15000+ popular retro arcade games, and numerous emulators. And the support adds new games th..
Model: 10117
M10 X2PLUS 4K HD Mini Home Video Retro Game Console with 2.4G P3 Wireless Dual Controllers (US-Plug)Features:Over 30,000 built-in games, including role-playing, action, strategy, shooting, chess, and racing. An 80-inch TV can be supported via HDMI HD output, which has an intelligent HD chip for loss..
Model: 10073
M15 Game Console HDMI 4K Arcade Machine Toy with 20,000 Games (64G)Features:..With more than 20,000 titles, this excellent system allows 3P4P multiplayer gaming. Suitable with 23 different kinds of emulators. High performance, low power consumption, quick application loading, seamless task processin..
Model: 10123
M16 4K HD Mini Retro Handheld Gaming Device 64G Arcade Game Console with Wireless Dual Gamepad & 20,000 GamesFeatures:Excellent design, 20,000+ games pre-installed, supports connecting an external gamepad, and allows up to 4 players to play simultaneously without restriction. Suitable with twent..
Model: 10129
M8 4K HD Video Game Consoles 2.4G Double Wireless Controller Retro TV Dendy Game Console✨ MATERIAL INCLUDED:Originating in China, the Ispoofer brand has a screen resolution of 320x240.Supports both conventional HDMI output and the English language.GB2 CPU, DDR3 256MB SDRAM, 128MB flash memory, and L..
Model: 10078
 Y6 Handheld Game Console, 2.4G HD 4K Wireless Portable Linux Video Game Stick Two wireless 2.4GHz controllers are included with the Y6 GameStick; they connect via a USB wireless receiver that is included. You can always use your wireless controllers and replace the 2.4GHz receiver with Bl..
Model: 10292
X6 HD Mini Retro Home Video Game Console with 2.4G Wireless Dual Controllers Features:Built-in Massive Games: Play over 15,000 games to relive the excitement of youth, including shooting, chess, racing, action, shooting, strategy, and role-playing games...An 80-inch TV can be supported via..
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