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Mouse Accessories

Enhancing your gaming setup goes beyond just owning a gaming mousepad; it's about curating a collection of accessories that boost your gaming performance and ensure comfort and style during those long gaming sessions. Here's a rundown of essential accessories to complement your gaming mousepad for an ultimate gaming experience.

Gaming Mouse: A cornerstone of any gaming setup, a high-quality gaming mouse with a high DPI provides precision and accuracy, essential for fast-paced games. Look for a mouse that fits comfortably in your hand to prevent strain and injuries, ensuring durability for prolonged use.

Mouse Bungee: Eliminate the annoyance of tangled or dragging mouse cables with a mouse bungee. It keeps your cable fixed in one place, allowing for smoother, more consistent movements and protecting it from wear and tear. It also contributes to a neater gaming space, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Wrist Rest: Prolonged gaming can strain your wrists, but a wrist rest can alleviate this issue. Positioned before your mouse or keyboard, it supports your wrists to prevent fatigue, promoting better alignment and stability for improved gaming performance.

Desk Mat: Beyond the mousepad, a desk mat provides a protective layer for your entire desk, safeguarding against scratches and spills. It offers a comfortable surface for your arms and wrists and adds an aesthetic appeal to your gaming setup with its sleek design.

These accessories are not just add-ons; they are integral to creating a gaming environment that is both functional and enjoyable. A well-chosen gaming mouse ensures precise control, a mouse bungee enhances movement fluidity, a wrist rest supports long gaming hours, and a desk mat protects and beautifies your gaming station. Together, they elevate your gaming setup from essential to pro-level, maximizing performance and comfort.

Model: 10150
2.4G Wireless Vertical 3D Gaming Mouse for Computer/LaptopFeatures:Wireless Mouse Features:Advanced Connectivity: This wireless mouse operates on a reliable 2.4G connection, ensuring seamless performance. It boasts an effective operating distance of up to 10 meters, allowing you to use it from vario..
Model: 10013
E-Sports 7200 DPI Wired Home Office Gaming Mouse With Brushed Metal Bottom Plate for PC Laptop - Silver BlackFeatures:**Cool Lighting Effect**: This product features a unique water-cooled tube concept integrated into the electroplated tail wing chamber, creating an eye-catching lighting effect. The ..
Model: 10008
Gaming Mouse Cable Management Pro RGB Mouse Bungee Device Pro for Esports FPS Games - Black White PinkFeatures:.Improve Your Gaming Experience: Perfect for FPS games! This Mouse Bungee organizes your mouse cable for a better gaming experience. With our mouse cable holder, you get dynamic R..
Model: 10154
Mouse Charging Dock Chroma for Razer Wireless Mouse Magnetic Dock with Charge Status Anti-Slip Gecko Feet - White Pink Black (without Lights)Features: This mouse charging dock is specially designed to enhance your gaming experience with the following features:1. **Compatibility**: The..
Model: 10003
Mouse Powerplay Wireless Charging Wireless Gaming Mouse Hand Rest RGB CHROMA for Logitech G403 G502 Lightspeed G703hero G903 Lightspeed and PRO - BlackFeatures:The Pitta Studio Mouse Powerplay is specially designed for Logitech G series mice, including the G403, G502, G703, G703hero, G903, G903hero,..
Model: 10154
Pitta Studio Mouse Powerplay Wireless Charging for Logitech G403 G502 Lightspeed G703hero G903 Lightspeed and PRO Wireless Gaming Mice Hand Rest Aluminum Metal - BlackFeatures:The Pitta Studio Mouse Powerplay is designed to provide seamless wireless charging for compatible Logitech G series mice, in..
Model: 10127
Pitta Studio Mouse Powerplay Wireless Charging for Logitech G403 G502 Lightspeed G703hero G903 Lightspeed and PRO Wireless Gaming Mice Hand Rest Plastic Case - BlackFeatures:..Function similarly to the Logitech G mouse Powerplay, made especially for the Logitech G series of mice. For G pro wireless(..
Model: 10120
Creative Laser Gaming Mouse RGB Light Wired Mouse for Computer/LaptopFeatures:1. **Laser Mouse:** This mouse offers a wired, strong connection with zero delay. It features an impressive 10,000 DPI for precise tracking and responsiveness. The cord length is 1.8 meters.2. **Ergonomic Design:** The mou..
Model: 10124
RGB Mouse Charging Dock Chroma for Razer Features:★ RGB Mouse Charging Dock: After 20 minutes of charging, it offers five hours of wireless playback.✅ Anti-Slip Gecko Feet: The dock's self-adhesive design, which ensures better adhesion to surfaces for safe, long-term placement, also leaves no s..
Model: 10148
Vertical Gaming Mouse RGB Light Wired Mouse for Computer/LaptopFeatures:1.8M chord length, 11 keys, 10000DPI, wired stronger connection, no delay, and laser mouseIt is lovely and pleasant because of its ergonomic design, hand type optimization, and naturally stretching gestures that alleviate tiredn..
Model: 10063
Wireless Mouse Magnetic Dock Mouse Charging Dock Chroma with with Charge Status Anti-Slip Gecko Feet for Razer - Black GreenFeatures:Technology for connectivity: USB, Wired, and Wireless.Hardware: Personal ComputerNo Batteries Are NeededCompatibility: Designed to be compatible with Naga Pro, Viper U..
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