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Keyboard Kit

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

For those new to mechanical keyboards, selecting the fitting DIY kit can seem like a maze of choices. This guide aims to simplify the process, breaking down the key components and considerations to help you make an informed decision for your perfect keyboard build.

Understanding the Parts

  1. Case: The case houses all the keyboard components. Options range from clear to metal cases, each offering a unique aesthetic.
  2. PCB (Printed Circuit Board): The PCB is crucial as it connects all the switches to your computer. Quality is essential here, and any kit from a reputable store should be up to standard.
  3. Plate: This is where the switches are mounted. The ideal plate offers some flex for a better typing experience. While aluminum is standard, brass can mute the sound, and polycarbonate can enhance deeper tones.

Size Matters

The size of your keyboard is a significant factor:

  • Full-Size / 100%: Common in non-mechanical keyboards. It offers full functionality but takes up more desk space.
  • Tenkeyless / 80%: Omits the numpad—a popular choice for a more compact design.
  • 75%: Similar to tenkeyless but with a tighter key layout, including the function row.
  • 65%: Removes function keys but retains arrow keys.
  • 60%: Prevalent in the enthusiast community. Lacks arrow keys and function row, relying on modifier keys for additional functions. More affordable and compact.
  • Number pad / 20%: Essentially a standalone numpad.

Features to Consider

  • Ergonomic Layouts: Some kits offer layouts designed for comfort.
  • Pass-throughs: Useful for connecting other devices directly through the keyboard.
  • Media Controls: Features like dedicated volume knobs can enhance user experience.


A hot-swappable board allows you to change switches without soldering, which is ideal for those who want to experiment with different switch types without the need for soldering equipment.


DIY kits vary in price. Expect to pay more for unique designs, ergonomic features, and metal cases. Prices generally start around $100, potentially increasing based on features and materials.


Choosing the fitting DIY kit is crucial for your keyboard project. Focus on the size and features that best suit your needs. With the proper selection, you can enjoy building a keyboard that's uniquely yours.

Explore a range of DIY Kits and start designing your custom keyboard with our free build creator.

59-key rgb backlit hot-swappable mechanical keyboard customized planck kit 59-key rgb backlit hot-swappable mechanical keyboard customized planck kit
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61-Key Solid Wood Mechanical Wired Keyboard Set 60% Lined Switch Seat Hot-Swappable With RGB Light Features:Exceptional Rosewood Craftsmanship: Crafted from exquisite rosewood, this keyboard set is not only visually striking but also offers a comfortable and relaxed touch, ideal for long typing..
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64-Key RGB Sonic Spectrum CNC Aluminum Alloy Titanium Linear Gray Hot-Swappable Customized Mechanical Keyboard KitFeatures:RGB Audio Spectrum Display: The Rhythm64 features an independent sound-receiving module that processes audio input and translates it into captivating RGB light effects. Watch in..
Model: 10075
68-Key DIY 65% QMK Hot-Swappable RGB LED Backlit Type C PCB Mechanical Keyboard kitFeatures:This product requires a production cycle and is expected to be shipped in mid-January.★ PACKAGE INCLUDED:This package includes a CNC Case, Hot-swappable PCB, Switch Puller, Type C Cable, Screws, and Rubber Fe..
Model: 10004
71-Key DIY 65% QMK Hot-Swappable RGB LED Backlit Type C PCB Mechanical Keyboard KitFeatures:This product requires a production cycle and is expected to be shipped in mid-January.Package Included:This package includes a CNC Case, Hot-swappable PCB, Switch Puller, Type C Cable, Screws, and Rubber Feet..
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87 Keys AWS87CNC DIY All-Aluminum Alloy Customized Mechanical Keyboard KitsFeatures:1. 75% Keyboard Kit:This ultra-compact 84-key layout is designed to keep your desktop neat and organized. Gamers, in particular, often prefer a keyboard without a numpad, as it provides more space for precise mouse m..
Model: 10136
ABM648 64-key CNC Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Keyboard Shining Night Green Customized KitFeatures:Pure Aluminum Alloy Material:This product is crafted from pure aluminum alloy material using CNC precision processing. It undergoes multiple stages of delicate washing, specialized cylinder spot color pro..
Model: 10125
AC064 Customized Aluminum Alloy CNC Mechanical Keyboard Kit Three-mode 64-key RGB Backlit Hot-swappableFeatures:AC064 Mechanical Keyboard Three-Mode Kit:This kit includes a CNC aluminum alloy shell, PCBA circuit board, RGB lighting, TYPE-C connection cable, customized satellite switches, a 3000mAh b..
Model: 10271
BG68 68 Keys Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard Kit DIY Hot Swap RGB Backlit Bottom Light Keyboard (Switch and Keycaps are omitted)Features:The kit is compatible with three- or five-pin switches and hot-swappable shafts.This kit does not include Keycaps and a switch; those items must be ordered separately...
Model: 10282
DIY Assembly C64 Retro Customized Mechanical Keyboard Plate Case Suitable for GH60 & GK-XS Series PCB Features:**DIY Assembly Adventure**: This plate-based keyboard case kit offers a delightful assembly experience akin to constructing Gundam and Bandai model kits. Users follow detailed inst..
Model: 10075
84 Keys RGB Backlit Wired Bluetooth 2.4G Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard Hot Swappable Switches Customized Keyboard KitsFeatures:Experience a sleek and ultra-compact keyboard layout with our 84-Key Keyboard Kit. This keyboard is meticulously designed to provide a neat and organized desktop setup, per..
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TM680 Three-Module 68 Keys Customization Hot-Swappable RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Kit  Features: **Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Our Compact 60% Gaming Keyboard**- If you're a dedicated gamer, our 60% gaming keyboard is the ultimate tool for you. It's designed with precision and car..
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